Most people think that dreams are something unmeasurable and You have to be very lucky to experience what You want.
The truth is You can have everything , be anywhere and became anything You want if You really want it. So every time
when You think "I can do it" You right and if You think "I cant" You also right.
Law of attraction which is the most powerful law in the universe says that You will attract anything You think about and focus on.
Start right now to think positive. Be creator of your own reality. Make your dreams come truth cause You can do it!
Many people think that it's a joke, and i was one of them. That's why my Blog was created for. I tried it once , and now i wish everyone know that . I prepared a couple helpful links and you can use this information.
Many people who accept the Law of Attraction as a guide for right living do so on the basis of their faith in the Universe and The Universe's 'Laws'; thus, to them, the nature of the 'Law' is not one to be settled scientifically, and the word 'Law' carries the same belief-based weight as non-scientific 'Laws' from other religions, such as the 'Law of Karma' and the Ten Commandments. This is especially true among those who are adherents of various New Thought denominations or who employ New Thought principles in a secular context. One common way that New Thought adherents utilize the Law of Attraction is through the practice of positive affirmations.
In 2006, a film titled The Secret presented the "Law of Attraction" to a new generation and was soon after developed into a book by the same name.

Learn to be Happy